4:30 am – Sunday, March 19 – SM Seaside City, Cebu

Start 4:30 AM
Start 4:45 AM
Start 5:00 AM
Start 5:05 AM
Start 5:10 AM


• Fill out the registration form. You can get registration forms from our booths at SM Seaside and SM City, or click here.
• Registration periods is below, or until spaces are filled:
o January 9 – March 8 2017
• Submit completed forms with registration fees at our booths, or online.
• Registration booths will be open from 10AM – 6PM each day
o Registration booths at SM City, SM Seaside, Abellana
• Registration Fee includes the following for each runners:
o Race shirt, Race bib, and Route map
• Medals will be given to all finishers of the 21km and 12km races
• Incomplete application forms and/or unsigned waivers will not be accepted nor considered registered to participate in the race. PADS reserves the right to prevent a participant from actually joining the race as it may deem necessary
• Age of runner should be the age on race day. Participants under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign the registration form.
• The runner accepts that there will be no refund of registration fee for whatever reason
• Race kit claiming will occur at the following time and location:
o The Greenery
o March 13 – 18 2017
o 11AM – 6PM.





On Sunday 19 March, 2017, the Philippine Accessible Disability Services, Inc. (PADS) is hosting approximately 10,000 global change-makers of all abilities and ages to participate in the Global Run, in cities around the world. The Global Run will raise funds for and awareness for PADS’ flagship Project – Break the Silence – prevention of sexual abuse of Deaf women and children, in the Philippines.

Our goal isn’t to break world records. Instead, our goal is to generate a wave of awareness across the globe which will contribute to the eradication of this horrible crime.

Our primary run will be in Cebu City, the Philippines, where Filipinos and international guests will take to the streets to show their support. Simultaneously, other Filipino cities will host runs with the support of SM Supermalls. These runs will happen across Luzon (including at the Mall of Asia) and Mindanao.

On the same day around the world, our partners and networks will host runs in their cities. So far, we have confirmed runs in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Nations.

The final run of the day will be hosted by Google at the Googleplex in Mountain View.




– Cebu City
– Manila
– General Santos

– Melbourne
– Sydney

– San Fransico (Mountain View)
– Atlanta
– Washington DC

– London
– Barrie

– Suva

– Ulaanbaatar

– Tokaj

– Barbacena

– Pune


Our work with the Deaf community enabled us to unearth dark secrets of Filipino society. One such secret is the alarming number of unreported sexual abuse cases committed against Deaf children and women. This crime has been going on for decades, unknown to the bigger society.
65-70% of Deaf boys and girls in the Philippines have been molested, as discovered in a recent nationwide survey on the incidence of physical and sexual abuse to Deaf children conducted by The Philippine Deaf Resource Center.

A further study revealed that one third of female respondents had been raped, often abused by their own father. Conducted by Lyer and Fortunato in 2005.

PADS started the Break the Silence Project to strengthen the advocacy against Deaf sexual abuse and exploitation. The Project empowers and educates the Deaf and hearing communities on how to prevent or appropriately respond to sexual abuse and exploitation.

We intend to stop this crime once and for all and we would like you to be part of it.



  1. Sign up for the Cebu City Run now!
    Click the Registration link to sign up now!
  2.  Organize a run
    PADS wants to invite your school, business, or community to participate by organizing a fun run in your local area. Run around a school oval, a local park – anywhere to run in solidarity with the Philippines, to STOP Deaf child sexual abuse and exploitation.
  3. Sponsor another group to run
    Can’t run yourself? How about sponsoring others to run! You could sponsor your employees, students from your local school, or another group to run.
  4. Sponsor the event
    We have tailored sponsorship packages that will give you and your brand great exposure around the world.
  5. Go for a run on the day
    Our goal is to get as many global runners on the day. If you can’t organize a run, then why not go for one yourself? You can use it as part of your fitness-training program. Just get out side and go for a run! Remem-ber to take a photo and share the message on social media!
  6. Share our message on social media
    Raising awareness is at the heart of this event. You can show your support of our cause by posting on social media. Talk about the event, and use the hashtags #TheGlobalRun and #BreakTheSilence to spread the message.



All funds raised will go to support the Break the Silence Project.


The Break the Silence Project aims to strengthen the advocacy of and advance the Deaf Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (DCSAP) advocacy in the Cebu Province by institutionalizing a process for raising awareness, providing training and engaging with various stakeholders in an effort to form a unified local response to the issue of deaf women and child sexual abuse.

The Project is a direct continuation of a one year pilot project concluded in 2011/12, wherein PADS and their counterpart organization the Support Empower Abused Deaf Children (SEADC) distributed training and materials over much of the key major cities in Cebu Region and Metro Manila area. The program is supported by the Stairway Foundation, Inc. and local government counterparts from law enforcement and social welfare departments and international government funding agencies.

Women and child sexual abuse in the Philippines is widespread but shrouded in the silence of socio-cultural factors. While there is a superficial openness to acknowledge the issue—with some cases being reported to the media—a vast majority of the population is still bound by the taboo of talking about such a sensitive subject. Those tasked to handle cases of child sexual abuse at the local level have often underperformed, due to the lack of skills and knowledge, lack of resources, or they just don’t believe that it is an issue in their communities.


The Project’s goal is to deliver educational programs and trainings to 3,000 deaf women and children across the Philippines.
In 2016/17 we will empower at least 300 Deaf children and women. 200 (60%) will be women and girls and 100 (40%) will be males and boys that will benefit the Deaf child sexual abuse prevention trainings in special education centers and communities. Further goals include:

  1. Train at least 15 Second-Liner Advocates and facilitators coming from the deaf community on child sexual abuse prevention, human trafficking, online safety and gender sensitivity.
  2. Train at least 30 Lawyers and Paralegal advocates in handling special cases involving deaf persons in the courtroom. They will be trained also in basic Filipino sign language, deaf culture sensitivity and deaf human rights and legal access module.
  3. Train more than 25 Sign Language Interpreters from Cebu in advanced court and deaf-relay interpreting to provide quality-interpreting services and improve handling of cases of deaf persons and reduce communication barriers in the inside and outside the courtroom.
  4. Hold the National Break the Silence Convention that will empower and capacitate at least 200 stakeholders and participants on the issues and innovative approaches that will be shared by the members of the break the silence networks.
  5. Create a massive awareness campaign on Deaf Human Rights especially with regards to the issue of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.

Since the launching of the Special Education school campaigns in June 2012, PADS’ has reached over 1,000 deaf students, children, and adults who were trained in child sexual abuse prevention in special education schools and communities in Central Visayas and Davao City.


The Philippine Accessible Disability Services, Inc. (PADS) is an independent non-government organization, working with a combination of People With Disabilities (PWD) and non-PWD volunteers “to enable the PWD community to grow and develop as independent, integrated, fully human and empowered citizens in society”.

With a vision of ‘A Disability Inclusive Filipino Society’, we work closely with partners and stakeholders on programs that aim to promote PWD human rights as well greater volunteering within the PWD community. Our work has substantially increased the participation of the PWD in Filipino electoral processes, educated communities on PWD human rights and developed opportunities to learn Filipino Sign Language (FSL).