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Compton: A Soundtrack By Dr. Dre

A lot of artists are stepping out from the dark and making a comeback. However, it hasn’t been all too good for veteran rappers… until recently.

Dr. Dre came straight outta the studio with this paragon of an album. Every plush beat is dripping with nostalgia, and the Doctor flawlessly adds in a twist of modern anarchy in between the piano and the brass. While it isn’t uncommon for rappers to write about their past, and ventures to success, Dre does it with such ease that the album immortalizes itself as a biopic in the listener’s mind.

The Doctor is accompanied by Snoop, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and newcomer Anderson .Paak, as well as many others. The tracks take you back to the concrete streets where barbershop quartets and striving talents conquered the musical background of many of the artists you see today.

If you enjoy a session of smooth beats that induce soulful body movements and grunts of content, this album may just be for you.

Get a dose from the doctor. Press play.

Now available on Apple Music & iTunes.