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Fonzy – Cool2gether ft. Icy

[ Lyrics ]

Verse 1:
Down and I need you again
I can feel you right under my skin
Yeah you’re cold
But I keep caving in
Yeah I’m down and i need ya

but it keeps creeping in
These walls getting paper thin
I can’t eat
I can’t sleep
I think that I’m down and i need ya

Cause All I need is a little more time to myself
Can’t you see that I need you to let me in
Show me a part of you that I don’t know
Show me your heart and I’ll let you go
I know that you know that we could be
I know that you and me
We could be cool together

Verse 2 (Icy):
You know I’m down lonely again
Can’t shake this feeling out of my chest
Didn’t think that i would want you like this
Now I think that i’m down and i need you

I know that you be out with your friends
Don’t wanna say the words
I know I’ll regret
but babe it feels so wrong
Oh the thrill we’re in
But fuck it I’m down and I need ya

Yeah I’m down
And i think that i need ya now
Yeah i’m down
Baby come back right now

I know that
You and me
You know that
we could be
You and me
We could be cool together


Written & Produced by: Fonzy
Mixed by: Carlisle Tabanera, Tony Alfonso
Mastered by: Brian Sacro , Kalye Musika Recording Studios
Performed by: Fonzy, Icy of Sepia Times