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Rewind: Don’t Tell Mama

Don’t you ever wonder why the older generation can’t seem to stop talking about how everything was before? There’s a constant mention of the underground club scene and how that was so much better than today’s party situation. While it takes a while for some to realise that we now live in a new age and to accept that times do change, we also can’t help but be inquisitive about how it actually was back in the day.

Let me paint a little picture for you. The club setting way back when usually had industrial design interiors, dark, abstruse dancefloors and a crowd filled with hardcore house music fans. Back in the day, people would freely takeover the floor to groove the night away without waiting for a partner or a group of friends.

Azzido da Bass by Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix), or more commonly known as the “Womp” song to the younger crowd, was definitely one of the tracks people weren’t ashamed to get down to. This timeless piece of electronic heaven is the love child of a Trance soundwave and the bass-force of a good Breakbeat track. Antecedently, you could hear this masterpiece being blasted at a few classic night spots in Cebu, such as DTM, Fuel and Zero Below.

If you’re a house fanatic or even just regular a night-walker, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this one make rounds in one of the clubs you’ve been to. Now you don’t ever have to wonder why our kuyas and ates can’t get over the club scene ages ago.