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Rewind: Shy Guy by Diana King

When this track was released and became a worldwide phenomenon in 1995 thanks to the movie Bad Boys, Jamaican singer Diana King wrote this song without an inkling that it would become a major hit.

Considered as a one-hit-wonder, it is still a crowd favourite until this day. It is honestly one of the best reggae-fusion songs in my opinion and is a timeless piece of rhythmic spectacle. The song placed at number thirteen on the U.S., and also reached number two in the UK. It also topped the charts in Finland and Sweden.

If you’re a 90s baby, you are no stranger to this catchy tune. And if you simply don’t want a fly guy and would like to settle for a shy guy, ladies, get those hips back to work and take over the dance floor. Just incase you’ve forgotten all about this, well it’s about time you have this track back in your playlist.