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6 Other Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer – Spectrum Philippines
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6 Other Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

According to Al Quiblat of PAGASA Mactan, they recently recorded a sweltering 30.3 degrees Celsius on the island – this means we’re going to feel it at 34 degrees. Can you imagine how hot it’s going to feel like in the city?  They’re urging people to stay indoors and keep hydrated amidst this El Nino. Water should definitely be on top of anyone’s list, but what else can do alongside it? Get your water from food.

Long ago we were told to consume exactly 8 glasses of water, but experts these days say that may not necessarily be true. Too much water can lead to water poisoning, way too less leads to dehydration. Apart from water though, we humans get our fluids from food such as fruits and vegetables. Here are a few.

  • Coconut Water- Many people think that apart from water, one can resort to sports drinks, but coconut water is a gift from Mother Earth. It costs much less than sports drinks, has electrolytes, has way fewer calories, less sodium and sugar than other fruit juices, and contains potassium equivalent to that of four bananas. Some athletes even swear by its powers and say it’s a healthy alternative for replenishing those lost body fluids. This is not to say sports drinks are evil though. They also have their own benefits.
  • Take a cucumber! It’s the solid food that contains relatively the most amount of water in it. Mix it with other food or take it raw — it works either way.
  • Iceberg lettuce. Some health buffs say this little veggie here is pretty useless in terms of nutrient or fiber content, but did you know that iceberg lettuce has the highest water content of all types of lettuce? So this should be just right for summer, along with your darker greens.
  • Tomatoes. The fruit that gets mistaken for a vegetable — 94.5% of it is water. Bite into one along with some nuts and cheese and you can have a great appetizer apart from keeping cool.
  • Don’t forget your watermelon! Fruit stalls pop up in street corners and the beaches when the summer approaches and watermelons aren’t hard to find. They’re even sold by the slice! Not only is it made up of water (a whopping 92%), but it also contains hydration essentials: salt, calcium and magnesium
  • Want everything in one go? Try a smoothie with your favorite fruits and veggies minus the extra sugar. You’ll get a wonderful burst of flavors while getting the best for your nutrition and hydration needs. Thirsty?

Take note though that sticking to only one option in the list is also not a good idea. Like any diet recommendation, food diversity is encouraged because each of these works in its own way and contributes to complete hydration. Keep cool and enjoy your summer!