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Ask: No Class

This duo from Norway, consisting of brothers Magnus and Kris Wehus, are rising up in the world of EDM. Conquering cities one club at a time, No Class continues to dominate with their original hard-hitting edits of quality dance music selections.

Despite the producers’ busy schedule, I managed to catch up with them and ask a few questions. They were more than happy to answer all of them for you guys.

Catch No Class in Davao at this year’s Invasion Tour!


Who are your biggest musical influences?

Afrojack, Linkin Park and DVBBS would be top 3!


What was the song that cemented your love for music?

Magnus: For me, it would be Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park.

Kris: Long time ago, but im pretty sure it was a Eminem track that made me like really interested in music. Loose Yourself maybe!


Why did you guys name yourselves “No Class”?

The meaning behind it is that when we play somewhere, or make music, we do it for everyone. Does not matter who you are, where you from or what you stand for. We are all equals. And also, we are not the most classy people, we like when people party like crazy! Haha!


What genre do you listen to on your own personal time?

Magnus: Used to a lot of metal, but now i mostly listen to EDM.

Kris: Im 50% Hip Hop and 50% EDM i would say.


Do you have a ritual before you get on stage?

A small prayer and a big drink!


What are your hobbies outside the music scene?

We spend a lot of time playing FIFA on the Xbox. (Haha) And if we are not doing anything musically ourselves, we always go out to check out other people’s sets in clubs or festivals.


What do you think about the Philippines?

Definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and we absolutely love it here! The people are also happy all the time which is a BIG plus.


Are you a beach bum, underwater dweller or mountain trekker?

Definitely beach bum!


Favourite Filipino dish:

Can we say Yellow Cab? Haha! No, we really like Lechon and Chicken Inasal.


Are Filipinos easy to please musically?

We would say YES. Filipinos are very open minded when it comes to music, which makes spinning here really fun.


How are they different from the crowd in other countries?

EDM festivals always has a great vibe to it, no matter where you are in the world. But people here really dance all night for sure!


What sets you guys in the mood when producing?

Having Live Sets from Tomorrowland or Ultra on the TV in the background is something we like to do. Sets the mood perfectly.


Do you both get along all the time when it comes to specific things, like how a track is supposed to sound, for example?

We actually disagree a lot of times when making our songs. So we take both opinions and sort of meet in the middle. Always nice to have different points of view on things.


What goes through your heads every time you go on stage?

We always get a little nervous, but mostly excited!


What can we expect from you guys this year?

We are gonna keep making new tracks, so hopefully releasing a lot of new music as well as playing for as many people as possible.