All it took was a warehouse, great company and incredible music; a strain of music that opened a much more colorful era; a strain of music that knew no color and gender; a strain of music that brought everyone together. There was no need to take photos for the music embodied the memory more than any photograph could ever capture. The tracks oozed a tantalizing groove so sexy it was deemed unnecessary to “pucho, pucho hands up”. It is a patchwork of rhythmic, fervent melody that the usual EDM blueprint would make the whole track sound redundant.

It is liberating. It is momentous. It is House music.

The foundation of every modern electronic dance music, House music gave birth to a number of variations (e.g. Techno, Acid, Trance, Electro, etc). As it evolved, however, its natural musical anatomy got shoved further into the background making way for newer sub-genres. But little did most people know that the mother of electronic music has transformed itself into a sleeping giant. With the new Resistance Stage and the decade old Carl Cox & Friends Tent at the Ultra Music Festival, it is evident that House music did not succumb to the misunderstood “underground” concept. It was never just for a niche community; House music is for you and me.

There is no need for such inessential behaviour and props. House music will not make you dance like a kangaroo or stand in a corner decked out in your neon sticks looking like a deranged traffic light. House music won’t make you do anything; it will make you feel everything. You will feel your body move to the beat, reminding you that dancing is much more than head-banging and jumping. It is a kind of music that requires you to immerse in your surroundings and the people around you. If you have full regard for your friends, and would like to genuinely have a great time, leave your diffraction glasses and step into a world where music is pure and your spirit is set free.

House music isn’t just a fusion of alluring melodies and heart-pounding beats, it is a culture. And Spectrum is bringing this timeless piece of nirvana back into the heart of Cebu. That’s one way to make papa Frankie proud and another way to satisfy our soul.

In the beginning, there was EDEN.


This alternative electronic music experience is brought to you by Johnnie Walker, Flossy Shoes, 92.3 Magic FM, Zee Lifestyle Magazine, Cebu Yacht Club, and Spectrum Philippines.