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Heineken Opens The World to Davao – Spectrum Philippines
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Heineken Opens The World to Davao

[ Press Release ]

Heineken, the world’s most international premium beer is now making its much awaited arrival to the Crown Jewel of Mindanao, Davao City, and we couldn’t be more excited!



The official launch event for Heineken was held on 22 June, 2018 at the Aposento Bar & Restaurant and championed the “Open Davao” message, a spin-off from Heineken’s famous tagline of “Open Your World”.
Painting the city green for the night, the unique launch event featured one of Manila’s best, DJ Euric, and DJ Wacky Masbad from Davao. Bringing the best acts across the Philippines, Cebuano live acts Carlisle, .fc, Fonzy, had the guests on their feet right till the end of the night on the electrifying LED dancefloor!

The event was attended by a myriad of guests ranging from politicians to socialites, industry titans to F&B customers, each of whom were excited to be bringing this flagship product to the vibrant city of Davao.

In bringing such a world-class spectacle to Davao, Heineken stands by their belief that the world is packed with endless possibilities and experiences that it hopes to continue to bring to consumers in Davao that can potentially enliven and thrill them.


Enjoyed in 192 countries the world over; Heineken is truly the world’s beer. Founded in Amsterdam in 1873, it has grown to encompass the globe, with its familiar green bottle and smooth, refreshing taste.

From the Netherlands to Brazil, South Africa to the Solomon Islands, Heineken is now proud and excited to have the opportunity to engage with Filipinos and provide them with a high quality beer.



Since Heineken was founded it has been brewed with a passion for quality – every batch of beer put under rigorous quality checks so that consumers only get the best.
Everywhere in the world, Heineken is brewed with the same recipe, great care, high-quality ingredients and standardized process. Every bottle of Heineken is made with only 3 pure, natural ingredients; malted barley, water, hops.


Heineken has just launched their latest campaign in the Philippines titled; World Class, Star Quality. In this campaign Heineken wants to recognize and celebrate the star quality and talent of Filipinos here and all over the world and has specifically highlighted rising Fil-Am NBA Star, Jordan Clarkson, to be the ambassador for this campaign.

Like Heineken, Filipinos are truly an international people. With their pure natural talents, star quality and strong heritage, it’s no wonder why there are so many Filipinos that are making a name for themselves and their countrymen on the global stage.


Heineken’s partnerships with some of the world best experiences enable the brand to reach and engage with its consumers on every level. The hallmark of its long and successful relationships with the UEFA Champions League, Rugby World Cup, James Bond, Formula One and numerous music festivals is a passion for Heineken to excite its consumers at these various touchpoints and more!

As Heineken opens the world to Filipinos, there will be a constant flow of unique innovations entering the market that enable them to explore new experiences they constantly seek, while pushing the boundaries in the beer category to delight local consumers with the perfect product experience.

Chris Aguilar
Group Marketing Manager
AB HEINEKEN® Philippines Inc.