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Remembering the Invasion Tour 2014 – Spectrum Philippines
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Remembering the Invasion Tour 2014

Press Release

In the beginning was the beat, and the beat was made flesh, so dance – that’s what we’d say to a nation of festivals and fun-lovers. We’re a very percussive people – beats and stomping are main dishes in any of our country’s major annual events, so it’s no wonder everyone had a blast with the beats from our lineup of DJs on top of the entire spectacle of the Invasion Tour 2014!

Since the first Invasion event for Sinulog, we’ve been making more stops in Bacolod, Iloilo and the latest one being in Davao (the first in Mindanao!). It’s growing beautifully and made even better by the energy of more Invaders and an ever improving production from the program, the music, the lights, and the over-all experience – only the finest for everyone, of course.

Working with the local governments was key for safety and security. Thank you to the city governments that support the show! And to the participating brands that make your experience a whole lot better. We had high speed internet from Smart (we could see you were having so much fun!); OLX.com.ph’s participation in Sinulog (nice LED whistles and foam sticks there); El Hombre Tequila everywhere at Kadayawan, MassKara and Sinulog; and Jagermeister in Sinulog and Dinagyang. Nixon gave out luxury watches after a tequila drinking game in Sinulog. Rhipstop’s been there since day one for Sinulog, and they kept the busy Spectrum staff cool with “drifit” uniforms, apart from collaborating with SM Youth in Sinulog and Dinagyang. And speaking of which, SM Youth celebrities La Aguinaldo and the crew graced the events.

See, we like to make things extra special.

This tour’s first stop was Kadayawan, by far Spectrum’s largest production. Diversity is one thing we’re proud of in this country, so it was great to see local flavors infused throughout the entire tour. The Fair Park Night Market in Kadayawan was a hit, what with all the sumptuous food in Davao. Invaders also got to try the Spectrum Fast Pass for the first time. (More on the Fast Pass later on.)

Next, we hopped over to Bacolod, where we had more space twice bigger for more Invaders (the VIP viewing deck was packed!). We tested some new production technology (remember the Mask aka Bob the alien?) and it turned out to be the best stage we have ever built so far!

We came back home for the Sinulog Invasion with a new venue, and a great crowd dancing to a star-studded international talent line-up composed of Quintino, Alvaro, KC Jones, Oliver Rosa and the best local talents. The crowd wasn’t limited to those who showed up — the entire thing was streamed live over Y101fm.com to the rest of the world. Perhaps the best show we’ve ever had.

We made our final stop at Dinagyang where we had Ati warriors on the grounds and on stage, the place was jampacked and even the VIPs were sold out, and that was where we saw the happiest, most energetic bunch of Invaders ever.

We’re definitely going back to all these places this year, and make even more stops in the near future!

There’s a lot to look back on with the last Invasion Tour. Relive the parties and see how you guys made it awesome. Here, take these wonderful memories home with you and show them off – you’ll have every reason to bring more pals who haven’t gone yet. Catch you all in the next Invasion Tour.

Meanwhile, enjoy the aftermovies!

The Invasion Tour would like to thank the following participating brands: Smart Prepaid, SM Youth, Rhipstop, AyosDito.PH, OLX.com.ph, WeChat, Cafe Bobs, El Hombre Tequila, Jagermeister, Pioneer DJ,  GMall Davao, Kia Motors, Chevrolet, Happy Lemon, Pepsi, Transcom, Teletech, Travelon Anti-theft Bags, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Rastaclat, Nixon Watches, Alcordo Advertising, ETC, Y101fm.com, SunStar Daily, MYX, Clavel Magazine, Zee Lifestyle, Monster Radio 99.5 Davao, Mindanao Times.