Nix Damn P!

The evolution of DJ Nix, a.k.a Nix Damn P!, is a result of the unique combination of his style, music selection, vision and work ethic. Nix Damn P! has established himself as one of the few respected and trusted DJs able to stand on middle ground — that highly coveted space in-between mainstream and underground music.

His ability to slice, dice and experiment with the “really, really old and the really, really new” makes him the flexible and diverse DJ that he is today, able to direct any crowd’s energy levels and taking them on different sensorial journeys.

Nix Damn P! doesn’t just show up to play, he does his homework. The amount of time he puts in for research, annual sabbaticals and learning new skills and styles makes him able to play at different venues and events across Philippines, Asia and the United States (New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County in Los Angeles). In 2011, Nix Damn P! bagged the championship trophy in the Best Buy DJ Spin Off in L.A., besting respected DJs from the U.S; a rare feat for someone competing with homegrown, local talents.

Returning to the essence and role of what a DJ should be.

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