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UNIVERCITY Festival 2015: A New Beginning

Thank you to all of the students, schools, orgs, volunteers, and to everyone in the UNIVERCITY Community who played a part in a successful UNIVERCITY Festival 2015. May we continue to unite, have fun, make new friends, find love, and cherish all our happy moments together. Indeed, this is the Happiest College Festival Ever!


A gathering of students uniting to celebrate and enjoy games, food, and music.

The UNIVERCITY Festival is co-presented to you by SMART JumpIn and the official partners: Havaianas Philippines, Grab Taxi, Rhipstop, Neff, Rastaclat, Common Ground Store, Urban Superior Store, MTV, 92.3 Magic FM. This is a project in cooperation with the Cebu City Government and the Cebu City Youth Development Commission.

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